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Improve The Economic Health Of Your Team

Elevate Your Benefits Package With Estate Planning
Contribute To Equity, Inclusion, & Culture At Your Company By Offering A Legacy Planning Benefit 

Remove Barriers That Harm The Financial Health Of Your Employees

The Legacy Planning Benefit is a self-funded employer-sponsored Master Estate Plan for employees. The employer sponsors each estate plan as the foundation of its employee’s financial organization and education.

Your organization should include Master Estate Planning in its benefits package to increase the economic health, education, and financial legacy of your team.

Enhance Equity & Inclusion At Your Organization

Providing access to estate planning helps remedy the cultural, financial, educational, and economic imbalances associated with access to asset protection. Estate planning has typically been reserved for financially educated, high-income, individuals and families, but it’s accessible and important for everyone.
The Legacy Planning Benefit instantly makes master estate planning affordable for your employees and removes barriers to entry for underserved or minority communities.

Improve Your Company Culture

Many employers are purposefully becoming more diverse by including more women, African American, Latinos, LGBTQ+ in their workforce.
Providing a Legacy Planning Benefit helps these historically and systematically marginalized communities obtain the proper tools to transfer and protect assets generationally.

Attract & Retain The Best Talent

The most skilled workers are looking for employers that offer competitive benefits packages and have a company culture that aligns with their values. 
Providing the Legacy Planning Benefit helps your company stand out and get a leg up on competitors who only offer a standard lackluster benefits package.

Here’s How You Get The Legacy Planning Benefit For Your Company


Meet With Our Firm

We establish the number of employees at your organization and your budget, then provide a sample Master Estate Plan.

Schedule Informational Sessions For Employees

Prior to launching the Legacy Planning Benefit, we'll hold three 30-minute informational sessions for employees.

Launch The Benefit

We launch the benefit and provide an exclusive calendar link that your employees can use to schedule a meeting with us to start their estate plan.

Only ⅓ of Americans Have An Estate Plan

Your workforce deserves financial security and peace of mind.
You can provide it.

Here’s How Your Employees Take Advantage Of The Legacy Planning Benefit


Meet With An Attorney

You get in touch with your dedicated attorney to schedule a virtual question & answer consultation and intake meeting. 

Draft & Deliver Their Estate Plan

Your attorney prepares your estate plan documents with easy-to-follow instructions for seamless execution.

Gain Peace Of Mind

You’ll be well-educated and confident with how to allocate your hard-earned assets.

Provide What Your Employees Really Need

The Legacy Planning Benefit Is A Win For Your Company & Your Employees
Often, a person’s first experience with finances is with their employer. You have the unique opportunity to skyrocket their financial literacy and well-being.
We know you want to do right by your employees, and what better way than to protect their legacy and financial security with an estate plan?

With the Legacy Planning Benefit, you will:

  • Build a top-tier workforce that values the benefits you offer
  • Remove cost barriers to your employee’s financial wellness
  • Have a legal partner who makes the process simple for you and your team

Your Employees Will Love Working With Us, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. 

  • Extremely professional, helpful, and kind.
    Cameron F.
  • I highly recommend Efram. He is fast, efficient, easy to talk to, takes time with people and is extremely knowledgeable. He is very kind and very concerned about his fellow human beings.
    Patricia A.
  • Always responded in a very timely manner. Answered all questions clearly. Very helpful.
    Merran P.

Common Questions About The Legacy Planning Benefit

How is the Legacy Planning Benefit funded?
The Legacy Planning Benefit is self-funded by the employer. The employer sponsors each employee’s estate plan as the foundation of its employee’s financial organization and education.
Do you have the capacity to handle estate planning for our entire workforce?
The E.L. Law team is ready to serve companies of all sizes!

Enhance The Well-Being Of Your Workforce

Provide long-term financial wellness with the Legacy Planning Benefit

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